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Welcome to another edition of LiveWire.
Recent media coverage of the failure of one particular brand of cable used in the residential construction market highlights just how easy it is for poor quality cable to slip though the system.

This case is a lesson for all in the industry and highlights the need for tougher provisions for compliance to the standard and the absolute need for a better test and inspection regime for low voltage cables.There is huge potential cost in installing poor quality cable, not only in the cost of extracting and replacing it, but also potentially in loss of assets and life. We are taught from an early age to be extremely careful around electricity, and perhaps it’s time the industry itself heeded this basic advice.

Our industry should strive, via improved regulation and, most importantly,education, to ensure that only cable that fully complies with the standard can gain access to the Australian market. There simply is no room for error. 

On a less terse note, the market for cables has definitely improved after the September Federal election and, though weighed down no doubt by the recent antics in Washington, there are definite signs that the economy is once again on the move. At Bambach, improved sales over the past three months have generated some of the best revenue months in the history of the company. Long may the trend continue.

Interest in the company is also growing with the number of hits on the Bambach website rising significantly and downloads of the Bambach Wire Wizard app now standing in excess of 1,900.

In this edition we learn about Bambach’s control cable, have The Spotlight on Inventory and Purchasing Officer Hamish Ellerm welcome two new staff members, hear a success story from a proud father, update our WireWizard app and look back in time to Bambach in the 1980s and 90s.
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Alf Chown

Managing Director and Chair

Where does it go?
Products in Action

Bambach control cable

Bambach Wires and Cables manufactures a range of flexible multi-core control cables for controlling and measuring remote equipment such as machinery, heating and air conditioning systems, stage lighting and industrial data and instrumentation. Our control cable has tinned copper conductors, making it especially suitable for marine environments and other corrosive
atmospheres.The cable is generally used to control and monitor equipment which is some distance from the machine operator.

Control cable manufactured in Bambach’s Sydney factory

One of our customers uses the cable to wire pumping equipment for large tanks. The cable runs from the pumping skid back to a junction box connected to a control panel. With one core of the multi-core cable attached to a sensor, the operator can remotely check the level of fluid in the tank. Other cores are connected to solenoids that can switch on or off the tank’s pump, water flows
and air flows.

This customer has noticed a number of benefits of Bambach control cable. When installing multi-core cable, rather than several single core cables, less ducting is needed and fewer holes need be drilled. Pulling the cable through is simpler and faster, and the highly flexible cable is much easier to bend around the various tight corners found in a typical installation.

“We use the 7-core cable for control and statuses when installing variable speed drives (VSDs) and water-cooled package units. There are many applications for these VSDs including water pumps, fire safety fans and PAC units in commercial offices. These cables are perfect for quick and easy installation.”
                                                                                           Michael, Contractor

In stage lighting, Bambach control cable is preferred because its black sheath makes it easier to hide in a dark theatre and does not detract from the ambience the designer is creating.

Most of the top 10 yachts featuring in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race use Bambach control cable. The yachts have programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that control hydraulics to trim the sails and operate the keel and rudder.

History of Bambach Wires and Cables


Bill Gale, husband of Mary Gale (née Bambach), joined the company in 1984.

Bill was a graduate engineer who joined Bambach to support the then General Manager who was unwell. Bill’s input was to continue the drive of product and machinery development which was already underway, and to encourage such development as an ongoing way of doing business.

Bill Gale


The company became fully endorsed for Quality Assurance, and was one of the first 500 organisations in Australia to be so endorsed.


The innovations of the previous decade meant that 50% of sales were now import replacement, so the search was on for premises with a more efficient layout. A move was made to 102 Old Pittwater Road in the Sydney suburb of Brookvale.

By this time, Bambach’s products included a wide stock of standard cables plus unique items for manufacturers in industries as diverse as mining, defence, transformers, rail systems, communications, waste water treatment, electricity supply and airport lighting.
                                                                be continued...

The old Sales Office and Warehouse in Newcastle, NSW. Our company historians believe it moved to the current location in the early 1990s or late 1980s. Bambach Wires and Cables is still in Newcastle, but we don’t know if the Bible Society is.