Bambach offer a diverse selection of communication cables.

Braids and Terminated Braids

We manufacture an extensive range of braids and battery straps that can also be supplied cut-to-length and terminated.


Bambach Control cable is made with tinned copper conductors, and user friendly black numbers on white core.

Data and Instrumentation

For connection of low voltage signal, audio and instrument equipment. Used when EMI screening is required

EMC / VSD Cable

With both a tin copper and aluminium tape screen, Bambach EMC offeres 100% coverage for high and low frequencies.

Microphone Cable

For use in high frequency audio equipment where high flexing and EMI shielding is required

Speaker Cable

Applications include wiring of extension speakers and power supply to electronic equipment

Telephone Cable

For connecting telephone networks to the exchange above and below ground. For use in switchboards and internal wiring.

Custom Cables

With your knowledge and our know-how, we offer a range of options for customised cables.