Austdac Pty Limited

Austdac Pty Limited is engaged in the design, manufacture, servicing and supply of communication, gas monitoring, intrinsically safe lighting and conveyer control equipment for use in coal mines and general industry. Established in 1936, Bambach Wires and Cables have manufactured and supplied electrical cables to many diverse Australian industries and applications. For over 8 years Bambach have manufactured for Austdac a variety of complex and unique cables specifically tailored to suit the harsh operating environment of coal mines.

“Bambach listened carefully to our requirements and made useful suggestions that helped our engineers develop the design so that we could overcome the challenges we faced. Their quick and proficient production of the trial cables enabled us to get the final design into our product quickly and efficiently. Austdac has been working with Bambach for over 8 years and we expect to be working with them for many more.”

Purchasing Manager,
Austdac Pty Limited


The Challenge

The mining industry requires conveyors to run over ever increasing distances in harsh environments and subject to stringent safety regulations.

Austdac required a range of cables designed to counter the challenges of an inhospitable mining environment:

Design requirements such as;

  • Maintaining the quality and integrity of transmission signals over long distances
  • Ensuring longevity of the cable, withstanding deterioration due to the harsh operating environment (highly flexible, robust and flame retardant)
  • Ensuring the cable will physically fit within existing components. (Light weight and slim)
  • For safety reasons the cable must be highly visible to the operators


The Solution

Bambach Wires & Cables suggested using a highly specified compound (cellular polyethylene) for the outer sheath with low loss features that allowed for a highly flexible, thin walled cable that was light in weight. Theoretical designs were made, Austdac engineers visited Bambach’s Sydney based production facility to witness both the manufacture and testing of the cable and to participate in the modification of the design.

The Benefits

“Bambach were able to supply a low loss cable that met all of Austdac’s design requirements. Bambach’s flexibility and in-house technical support enabled Austdac engineers the ability to make modifications to the basic design simply and quickly.“

Senior Mechanical
Hardware Engineer,
Austdac Pty Limited