Bambach Custom Made and Specialised Cables

With your knowledge and our know-how, Bambach Wires & Cables offers you a range of options for customised cable. The composition of a cable can be altered in order to meet your specific requirements or to meet local or international specifications, such as RoHS. Customisation does not have to be as complex as developing a new cable from scratch, it can be as simple as a modification or addition to an existing cable from our range.

The correct choice of cabling can save you time and money potentially reducing the cost of equipment down-time and maintenance, as well as protecting valuable equipment in your system. The suitability of any cable is dependent on your application. At Bambach we specialise in working with our customers to develop cabling solutions to suit their specific environment.

As the electrical requirements of any cable, such as conductor size, are often predetermined, insulation compounds and screening are the variables of suitability. Here are a few examples of the diverse insulation and screening options available to you from Bambach Wires & Cables.


Compound Mechanical Strength/ Flexibility Chemical Resistance Fire Resistance Electrical Performance Price
PVC Poly Vinyl Chloride V90-HT not V105* Flexible Fair Good Good Cost Effective
PE Polyethylene Low Density Cellular High Density Flexible, slightly less than PVC Good Average Good Cost Effective
PUR Polyurethane Flexible Abrasion Resistant Good Flame retardant grades available Good 5 to 8 times more than PVC
XLPE Cross-linked Polyethylene Poor flexibility Very tough Resists cutting, impact and other mechanical forces Good Average Excellent 50% more than PVC
Nylon Polyamide Poor flexibility Very tough Excellent abrasion resistance Good Poor Poor 5 times more than PVC
TPV Thermo Plastic Vulcanite Flexible Abrasion resistant Excellent Good Good 3 times more than PVC
LSHF Low Smoke, Halogen Free Flexible slightly less than PVC Good Excellent Excellent Twice as much as PVC

* The standard changed in 1993 renaming V105 as V90-HT due to the compound softening with continuous use at 105°C.

Screening Options

  PRO’s CON’s
Aluminium Tape 100% Coverage Good for high frequency shielding Cost effective Poor mechanical strength
Braid Screen Tinned or plain copper Excellent mechanical strength Excellent for low frequency shielding Good Flex life

Increased cost