Bambach Cables

Established in 1936, Bambach Wires and Cables Pty Ltd is an Australian company owned by Energy Technologies Limited (ASX :EGY). In early  2019 following a substantial restructuring, Energy Technologies  purchased the equipment and intellectual property assets of Advance Cables and merged that business with Bambach, forming a new manufacturing facility in Rosedale, Victoria.

The new facility increased Bambach’s manufacturing capacity from 30 tonnes of finished goods per month to 250 tonnes per month and substantially reduced production times for its full range of products.

With its new facility and the incorporation of the Advance equipment, brand and range of products into the Bambach fold, the company is poised to become a major supplier of Australian made low voltage  insulated copper cable to the Australian Infrastructure, Defence, Mining and Building Construction industries.

Bambach has a warehouse and sales office network across Australia with warehouses and offices in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane. The company prides itself on being able to assist customers not only with manufacturing and supplying cable but also answering any technical questions related to cable applications and usage. Over the course of the past five years Bambach has invested heavily in new product development and during that time has launched numerous new product lines including its range of SafeX branded  low smoke zero halogen cables, NautX range of marine cables, SearX range of fire rated cables, RailX range of rolling stock cables, ImmerseX range of pump cables,  its TrackSure and TrackDrive branded rail signalling and power cables, its Detecta-Cab, Feeda-Cab and Traffi-Cab range of traffic cables, its LoadFlex range of street lighting cables, AlarmFlex range of fire alarm cables, Elasti-Flex range of Single Core Dual Insulated ( SDI) cables and its Vari-Flex range of EMC cables. The company places great emphasis on product development and innovation and has an ongoing substantial Research and Development program that approaches product development from the grass roots up

Bambach’s Technical team is adept at designing cable to suit Australian conditions and meet specific customer needs. A large part of  Bambach’s production involves purpose built cables designed for specific uses and as a local manufacturer Bambach is able to offer this service even where small production runs are required.

Bambach is committed to continuous improvement and is implementing Industry 4.0 practices throughout its production process. It is an ISO AS/NZS 9001:2015 certified company and an active member of the Australian Cablemakers Associaton.

How Cable Is Made?

Would you like to see how cable is made?  Bambach Wire and Cables is a truly Australian company. Unlike many of its competitors Bambach has resisted pressure to re-locate its manufacturing offshore and instead invested in manufacturing in Australia, by so doing , keeping jobs and skills in Australia. If any customer would like to see how cable is made please contact a member of the Bambach sales team who will organise a visit to our manufacturing plant. The company also holds regular open days for investors and customers and welcomes people to attend these events.

Introduction to cable manufacture and applications

The short video below explains how cables are made and gives examples of their applications- at Bambach , We know cable!