The reliability of electronics and lights are critical to your safety in the marine environment. That’s why at Bambach we manufacture our range of Marine cables with tinned copper. The thin layer of tin protects the conductors from corrosion, extending the life of our cables between 5 and 20 years.

Bambach offers a complete range of cables for the Marine industry, as well as the capability to manufacture custom cabling to your specifications. 


Marine Cables are made from a tinned copper alloy for corrosion resistance in marine environments. Used in general purpose 32V DC marine and battery applications.


Bambach Control cable is made with tinned copper conductors, and user friendly black numbers on white core.

Data and Instrumentation

For connection of low voltage signal, audio and instrument equipment. Used when EMI screening is required


Halogen free, low smoke, high temperature, flame retardant cables.

Our range of Betatherm halogen-free cables are flame retardant and temperature resistant.

Low Voltage

For use in extra low voltage applictions

Pump Cable

The Bambach Pump Cable is submersible to depths of 1000m. Applications include powerand control cable for pumps and other submerged equipment, for use in deep water applications.

PVC Flex

Available in a range of colours, our Australian made flex is a wiring staple. Applications include wiring of switchboards, general wiring, control, instrumentation and communication systems.

Custom Cables

With your knowledge and our know-how, we offer a range of options for customised cables.