Power & Transmission

Established in 1936, Bambach have provided service and innovation to the electrical industry for over 70 years. We maintain a flexible manufacturing operation in Sydney with some of the shortest lead times and smallest minimum order quantities you will find. In addition to an extensive range of cables available ex-stock, we also offer a large range of options for the manufacture of custom cabling to your specifications.

Braids and Terminated Braids

We manufacture an extensive range of braids and battery straps that can also be supplied cut-to-length and terminated.

EMC / VSD Cable

With both a tin copper and aluminium tape screen, Bambach EMC offeres 100% coverage for high and low frequencies.

Flexible Earths

Bambach's range of flexible earths are available in both tinned and plain copper. Applications include industrial sub distribution boards, transformers, generators and wherever large flexible earths are required.

Power Cables

Used as submains for power supply to individual distribution boards.Also used for power supply in industrial environments. Installed in static environments where increase current ratings are needed.

PVC Flex

Available in a range of colours, our Australian made flex is a wiring staple. Applications include wiring of switchboards, general wiring, control, instrumentation and communication systems.

Custom Cables

With your knowledge and our know-how, we offer a range of options for customised cables.