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Control Cable

Designed and constructed to ensure maximum signal delivery, BamControl cables feature –

  • Tinned copper conductors for superior corrosion resistance
  • Non flame propagating insulation and sheaths
  • UV, impact and abrasive resistance
  • Chemical & oil resistance
  • Improved flexibility for small bending radii

Also available with RF protective screening and a myriad of protective braiding and sheathing options to ensure supreme performance and service life in extreme environments.

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Abrasion Resistant
Abrasion Resistant
Chemical And Oil Resistant
Chemical And Oil Resistant
Flame Non-Propagation
Flame Non-Propagation
Flexible Conductor	Class 5
Flexible Conductor Class 5
Impact Resistant
Impact Resistant
Maximum Service Temperature 90°C
Maximum Service Temperature 90°C
Maximum Short Circuit Temperature 160°C (Max 5s)
Maximum Short Circuit Temperature 160°C (Max 5s)
Minimum Recommended Bend Radius Fixed 4 x OD
Minimum Recommended Bend Radius Fixed 4 x OD
Tinned Copper for Corrosion Resistance
Tinned Copper for Corrosion Resistance
UV Resistant
UV Resistant
Easy to Install Flexible cable using class 5 conductors
Easy to Use White cores with black numbers make the cores easily identified in low light
Easy to Solder Easy to solder tinned copper conductors
Tinned Copper Conductors To protect against oxidisation in corrosive environments
Suitable for Outdoors UV resistant grey or black PVC sheath provides extended outdoor life
Oxygen free tinned copper for high conductivity soldered connections and corrosion protection
Fine stranded conductors for high flexing
RoHS compliant to European environmental requirements
V90-HT insulation for high ambient temperature at terminations, long term durability and flexibility
Highly flexible 5V90 sheath for easy bending in restricted spaces
Conductor Tinned annealed copper wire, class 5
Insulation V90-HT PVC
Inner Sheath 5V90 PVC
Colours White cores with black numbering and green/yellow earth
Temperature -10°C to + 90°C
Voltage 450/750V
Applicable Standards AS/NZS1125, AS/NZS3808, AS/NZS5000.3, AS/NZS1660.5.6, IEC 60228, IEC 60332-1
Select Code Conductor CSA mm² STRANDING NOMINAL DIAMETER mm WEIGHT Kg/mtr Select
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Control Cable
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